A Closer Look at Medical Marijuana with Cannabis Chemist Dr. Chris Hudalla

Dr. Chris Hudalla is an analytical chemist helping families battle chronic illness with medical marijuana.  His work is highlighted in the recent documentary entitled "Cannabis Chemist", a part of the FiveThirtyEight Series "The Collectors", directed by Jamie Schutz. 

As the Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder of ProVerde Laboratories, Dr. Hudalla works closely with cultivators and helps them decide which strains to propagate to maturity, according to the goal of the grower.  It is through careful analysis of the cannabinoid profile, and through trial and error, that they're able to work together to cultivate cannabis that is high in cannabidiol or CBD, the non-psychoactive component of cannabis that shows great potential in the treatment of neurological disorders, and has proven to be an effective anti-convulsant for epilepsy.

Dr. Hudalla explains why families who are seeking treatment for their child's epilepsy are choosing to go the route of making reliable medicine for themselves-

"When children are on traditional pharmaceutical medications for seizures, it becomes very toxic for their body.  Being able to ween children off of these traditional pharmaceuticals and replace them with cannabidiol therapy has not only been successful for reduction of seizures, it is also much more helpful for the child."

His hope, and ours too, is that by making the medicine more accessible to those in need, the amount of needless suffering will be alleviated.

                                  WAtCH DOCUMENTARY "CANNABIS CHEMIST"

                                  WAtCH DOCUMENTARY "CANNABIS CHEMIST"

"Imagine all of a sudden that people could make their own medicine at home to relieve seizures, and headaches and migraines and multiple sclerosis.  Think of how much money that is going to take out of the pockets of pharmaceutical companies.  

The last thing they want to do is make people understand how much potential benefit there is for marijuana.  They want to continue this notion that marijuana is dangerous.  And it just isn't true."  

-Dr. Christopher Hudalla, ProVerde Laboratories

The benefits and drawbacks of cannabis have been receiving a lot of attention, but what is the science? Analytical chemistry will play a vital role in understanding the implications of cannabis use for medicinal purposes and setting reference standards. Dr. Christopher Hudalla discusses the current state of cannabis research, and its possible future in this Cannabis Chemistry 101 ACS Webinar.

Listen to the Cannabis Chemistry 101 ACS Webinar

You will learn:

  • The complexity of regulatory and legislative hurdles that impact scientific research in the area

  • The difficulty in obtaining reference standards

  • The future of cannabis research