Taking a "Dab" at Different Types of Concentrates

First -- What is "dabbing"?

"Dabbing" is a slang term used for inhaling the vapors from a concentrated form of cannabis, by "dabbing" a small amount of the extract against a heat source, a titanium nail in most cases.  "Dabs", also known as butane hash oil (BHO), are more potent because they have much higher concentrations of the psychoactive tetrahydrocannbinol (THC) found in regular cannabis.

While "Dabbing" is not considered a radically new way to ingest cannabis, this method is growing in popularity, and especially in recent years.  Both recreational users and those who use Cannabis for medical reasons are taking up this method because you get a more-immediate high, and it is stronger because it is in concentrated form.  

It is also believed to be a healthier way to consume because you are not inhaling the butane from the lighter or smoke from the leafy material as you would smoking flower.  When you take a dab, you are inhaling the vapor from the trichomes of the Cannabis plant.

How to do a dab:  An instructional video from High Times

What you'll need:

You're going to need a rig, a nail, a wand, a hand-torch, a can of butane, some alcohol wipes or a rag, bowl of water and some tongs if you're seasoning a new nail and of course, shatter or wax.

Prepare to dab:

First, heat the nail with the torch until it's glowing red.  Next, smear some wax all over the head of the nail.  If you don't have any extra wax to burn, water works too.  Remove the hot nail carefully using the tongs and place it in the bowl of water.  Repeat this several times then place the nail in your rig and now you're ready to dab. 

Take the dab:

First, scoop up a hit's worth of concentrate with the wand (beginners should err on the side of caution and prepare a smaller dab).  Next, heat the nail with the torch until it's just about to start glowing.  Let it cool for about ten seconds while you grab the dab you prepared earlier.  Begin to inhale slowly and smoothly as you gently touch the dab of concentrate to the nail.  When there's no more wax on your dabber and the chamber is clear, exhale.  Repeat as necessary. 

Proper clean up:

When you're sufficiently dabbed-out, clean your wand by heating the tip for a second or two, then using a rag or alcohol swab to wipe it off.  If there's any residual concentrate on the nail, burn it off using the torch to prevent sticky build-up.

And that my friends, is how to do a dab.

Now that you know what dabbing is, and how it's done, let's go over the variety of options when it comes to concentrates.. here are the descriptions of some popular types of concentrates:


Oil- gooey unprocessed concentrate with the consistency of thick, sticky liquid.

Budder- hash oil that has been whipped. Stable and pure.. more creamy than sticky.

Wax- slightly stickier than budder.  Consistency of a paste, similar to earwax.

Sap- translucent with a consistency like taffy that "snaps" when you pull off a dab

Shatter- translucent, smooth amber-colored solid that "shatters" when you break off a dab

Crumble- a puffed, aerated consistency like a cheese doodle.  Crumbled into sand when handled.


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