Sativa and Indica: The Key Differences

The differences between Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa go back to the 18th century when the differences between their structure and resin production were first noted.

The Origins:  

Indicas are believed to have originated in the Hindu Kush region near Afghanistan, where they developed thick coats of resin as protection against the harsh climate and conditions.  Sativas thrive in temperate areas closer to the equator amidst more variable weather patterns.

The Differentiating Factors:  

The distinguishing characteristics between sativa and indica include: flowering time, effects, yields, geographical origins, morphology, and even flavors.

The Effects:

Sativas are known more for the uplifting, energizing effects, and thus has been a go-to strain for depression and fatigue.

Indica strains are sought after for the sedating, relaxing, full-body effects- often used by those who suffer from insomnia and pain. 

The Differences in Appearance:

Infographic designed by Jake Carruthers>>

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