2014 Overview For Seven Leaf Collective

March 3rd, 2014

Oregon Health Authority began accepting license applications for medical marijuana dispensaries. Any medical marijuana "club" that was operating prior to 2014 was doing so without a license. This gray market flourished around Oregon prior to 2014 in the same way that it is currently flourishing in CA and WA. In Salem, there were roughly 30-40 of these marijuana "clubs" operating in our area prior to any type of state or local regulation. By choosing to acknowledge this medical marijuana market and crafting regulation for the cannabis industry, Oregon state lawmakers successfully elevated safety standards for all patients by requiring lab testing on every batch of medicine and in-person inspections by OHA.

At the time of writing this article, there are 12 dispensaries operating in Salem. In addition to increasing safety for patients, the new regulations also help dispensary employees to feel safer by requiring security systems and panic buttons as well as 24/7 monitored security. The cannabis market in Salem is now much safer and efficient than it has ever been.


City of Salem passed a local moratorium, halting any new dispensaries from operating while local city council members decided how to regulate time, place, and manner issues. The dispensaries that were operating in the "gray" market were allowed to remain open, but newly opened dispensaries (including 7 Leaf Collective) were required to close. The moratorium would to be lifted October 27 and dispensary owners held their breath while local leaders deliberated on the issue.


The City of Salem began developing a local licensing process for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries located within city limits. This was the first business license that the city had developed, so it took a few weeks to get all the kinks worked out. Many of Salem's dispensary owners and OMMP patients attended these meetings, and ultimately, came to agreement on how the city ought to govern this new industry on the local level. After all was said and done, the City of Salem was prudent in their decisions and dispensaries were allowed to open once the moratorium was lifted.

November 4, 2014

7 Leaf Collective opens it's doors....Measure 91 passed...and history was made. All Oregonians over 21 now have the right to legally possess cannabis, effective July 1st, 2015 and a clear signal to anti-cannabis entities has been sent letting everyone know that this medicine is here to stay and that the will of the people in Oregon is clearly pro-cannabis.


Out with the old...in with new!

2015, the Year of the Golden Goat!

..which happens to be a famous cannabis strain :)